Painting the french doors a new colour

When a long standing client mentioned he was replacing his home doors and windows, we suggested that a colour change might be all he really needed.

After further discussion and some closer inspection, he was delighted to go ahead with MPJ changing the colour of his doors and windows to achieve the look he wanted at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Residential doors before being painted by MPJ Coatings
Masking the exterior house doors ready for painting their new colour

We coated the doors and windows in the customer’s preferred grey colour that brought a clean and elegant look to the exterior of the house.

Not only does this prove a practical choice for preventing dirt showing and the fading that can be caused by UV, but the fresh coat of colour has created a stunning new look that adds character to their home.

MPJ get to work on a paint coating french doors
Residential doors AFTER being painted their new grey colour

We saved our client thousands of pounds from not having to replace their windows and doors, and having them painted instead. We also managed to complete all doors and windows in super-fast time, resulting in another job well done with a happy customer at the end of it.

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