MPJ Coatings clean and repair guttering

Adverse weather conditions did not stop the MPJ Coatings team from completing this commercial cleaning and recoating job on time for the client.

A full and thorough clean was carried out to prepare the guttering and Girosil weather protective coating was applied to seal the gutter substrate.

Commercial guttering clean and recoat needed
Gutter repair completed by MPJ Coatings

Our specialists delivered a complete gutter refurbishment that produced a watertight finish to the gutters and coating guaranteed to provide high impact resistance to withstand years of UV rays and extreme weather conditions.

This work was carried out for a client that we have been working with for several years. We are pleased to say, not only did they give positive feedback about our staff’s professionalism on site but they were really happy with how the work delivered new life into their commercial gutters at a fraction of the cost of having to replace them.

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