Colour match and repair to entrance cladding

Our team was called in to do a fast-turnaround cladding panel repair on a commercial building that was due to be handed over to a new owner within days.

Given the short deadline and location of the work being at the main entrance of the building, (and area that could not be sectioned off during normal work hours,) the MPJ Coatings team completed the panel repair work ‘out of hours’.

Fixing the cladding on the entrance panel
Entrance repair in progress

Colour matching the existing panels was a crucial part of the on-site paint spraying job. Extra consideration for the south facing orientation of the cladded entrance to the main lobby was needed on the colour-match, as the original colour had been impacted by the sun and needed a bespoke match to coordinate the old and new panelling.

We sent our lead paint technician to check the finish and were delighted to have the report back that a harmonious colour match and seamless repair has been achieved from every angle.

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