Front of building paint respray to windows and facades

The MPJ reputation for paint coating and panel repairs being personally tailored to customer’s needs preceded us with this job.

It’s not very often that we get residential customers asking for our services so this enquiry from a new customer was an encouraging exception to the norm.

We were asked to completely change the colour of a cladded residential building in central London, taking the cladding and window frames from a dark green colour to a dark grey matte finish.

The paint respray job to all windows and facades was a week-long job (which is slightly longer than normal), at the request of the client, due to the house being lived in and us having to conduct the work outside of standard working hours.

Dark grey matte finish facade respray
Home windows and facades spray painted by MPJ Coatings
MPJ Coatings painted this house in London

The result not only made this beautiful building look like new again but also produced one very happy home-owner.

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