MPJ repairing a dented panel

A Southampton-based, large, well-known distributor had to remove a sign from the cladding on their building which unfortunately resulted in some damage being caused to the panel underneath.

Rather than go to the expense of replacing the damaged panel, MPJ Coatings was called to repair the dented and discoloured panelling for a more cost-effective solution to the problem.

MPJ’s specialist team immediately got to work at the client’s site to repair the panel.

The job required one of our qualified International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) card holders to operate a scissor lift to work at height.

The team carried out the necessary cleaning and panel repair work to fix the dented cladding.

The final element of the panel repair service required MPJ spray painters on-site.

The repaired panels were then finished with a paint coating employing our bespoke paint colour-matching service.

The repaired area looked as good as new and matched the existing panels perfectly after the MPJ team had finished all works.

MPJ repair the discoloured & dented panel
Our restoration specialists get to work on the discoloured & dented panel
Another successful panel repair job from MPJ
Another successful panel repair with colour-matched coating from MPJ

The client was so happy with the professional panel repair and paint spraying remedial works that they have already booked our MPJ specialist team for another job.

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